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The Sheta Group was established in 2010.We are a commercial company based in Cape Town, South Africa, specializing in Import and Export. We import commodities from countries all over the world as well as export South African merchandise globally. Initially we embarked on our business venture with our focus mostly on a variety of Turkish, Chinese, Latin American and European goods. As our Clientele list increased so did the demand for expansion and diversification. In 2013 we included the Gulf region as well as SADC countries as new export destinations

Mission and Values

We thrive on client satisfaction by ensuring that all our business dealings are conducted in a manner which ensures the highest form of integrity and honesty whereby we have inaugurated our stature within the import/Export industry. We pledge our commitment to our loyal clients as well as future clients to proffer and extend the most competitive prices as well as elite quality products.

Why Us?

If you’ve dealt with Import Export agents you will be fully aware of the glitches one may experience in this sector.
Our Clientele

The goal of every entrepreneur is to make the highest profit in the shortest possible time with the least amount of work.

Sheta Group

Due to our team of methodical productive, reliable staff,we are able to ensure that you receive leading unrivalled and incomparable service.


With us you can rest assured that you will yield the highest returns with the least amount of stress.

Exceptional Ability to forge successful business allegiance with our Suppliers

We maintain that both our suppliers and our clients are our business partners thus making it a priority to get to know our suppliers and clients by building solid business relationships with a personal touch.

Sourcing our Products

Our business thrives on rigorous market research as to the specific requirements of certain countries  with regards to our merchandise ensuring that we are in tune with current commodity market trends ensuring the best products available for our valued clients.


Our charcoal is a mix of the best selection of a set of exclusive types of trees from the African countries collected, tested by national labs and packed to be suitable for all countries.

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

Our Fruit and vegetables are hand-picked and our staff personally oversee and ensure that the juicy delicious fruit and wholesome vegetables.


We source a variety of different types of aromatic and nutritious rice brought to you directly from expert rice farmers around the world.


Our sugar is obtained directly from the giant Sugar Cane Mills and we stock a variety of sugar both refined and unrefined and flavoured sugar, as well as coloured and sugar crystals.

Cooking Oil

From Italian Olive oil, to Avocado Oil, Coconut oil, Mustard Oil and Canola Oil, you name it and we will bring you the highest calibre of pungeant cooking oils from all over the world.

Building Construction Material

We have a  wide range of excellent quality cement, steel. Decorating and Finishing Products.

Decorating and Finishing Products

You will be spoilt for choice with the selection of modern and tasteful decorating products such as Tiles paint and aluminium which we can source for you.

Packaging and Printing

We have a team on hand to provide you with the Designing, manufacturing and printing of boxes, brochures and all paper bags.


​Where our group of experts and dedicated
staff members making special things happen.

​While we work individually we are also part of a team working in sync with our dedicated staff in order to ensure that our service is efficient,reliable and unique.We ensure that personal touch by going the extra mile so that all your requirements are met.




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